the road trip 


I provide a range of services road trip organisers that go beyond merely ‘shooting’ the event and ‘wetransfering’ images over. The trips I work with provide participants with the opportunity to own bespoke ‘Trip Books’ that show all the social elements of the journey along with some great images of the specific participant in their car, surrounded by epic scenery.

2018 was incredible, I joined the Atlantic Road Trip tour for a second time and an incredible feast for the eyes. We travelled through Sweden, the Norwegian fjords, mountains and coastline before ending the trip with an insane party in Copenhagen.

Location and event shooting isn't just about the machinery, it is very much about the atmosphere, the people and the memories and friends made enjoying a shared passion with a new group of people. 2018 also saw me covering the iconic Cannonball Run road rally from Las Vegas through to Seattle, oh my! There was way too much to list but Death Valley, Avenue of the Giants, Big Sur, Golden Gate Bridge, Napa…………PCH

Cannonball was a much bigger event and having the use of a media SUV driven by a truly committed lunatic (Marissa) saw us keep up (almost) with Ferrari’s Lambo’s, Porsche’s, Maserati’s and the fastest (Hellcat) Limo in the World. We were in contact by radio with the cars so were able to ensure we captured the epic without ruining the participants fun.



cannonball run



atlantic road trip



Atlantic road trip


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